My how time flies!

We have reached our 20th birthday and will be celebrating this milestone in many ways this year.  The first of which is to share this news with you!

It seems like it was yesterday that John Forcier and I embarked on our endeavor to provide Vermont municipal clients with our brand of high-value engineering services.  In fact that date was August 25, 1995, making Aldrich + Elliott twenty years old!  While we’ve evolved over the years, we’ve tried to stay true to our original principles of truly understanding each client’s needs and then finding innovative engineering solutions to solve them, since engineering is our passion and service is our legacy.  On behalf of everyone at A+E (past and present), I want to thank everyone we’ve served over these past twenty years as you have made our experience so incredibly rewarding.  We cherish the relationships we’ve made as much as the engineering achievements.  I’d like to think many of you feel the same way.  A+E will continue to evolve in the years to come, but I pledge to you that we will remain true to our original principles in our service to you.