Bid Results

See the results of bid openings from our most recent projects:

Arlington Water System Improvements

Installation of approximately 8,000 linear feet of new PVC C900 waterline, new services up to the right of way, approximately 800 linear feet of horizontal directional drilling, approximately 100 linear feet of horizontal jack and bore under Route 7A, ledge removal, and a new PRV vault with minor electrical work.

Lunenburg Main Pump Station Upgrade

Construction of one (1) new wet well mounted above ground station, including a new 6’ diameter precast concrete wet well, decommissioning of one (1) dry pit and one (1) wet well, gravity sewer, sewer forcemain, site work, electrical work, control, and miscellaneous appurtenances.

Poultney York Street Sidewalk

Installation of approximately 1,050 LF of new concrete sidewalk, signage, paves aprons, landscaping, and relocation of existing water utilities as required, and related incidentals per the contract documents.

Essex Londonderry Lane Stormwater

Construction of 450’ of 15” and 24” diameter storm drain lines with miscellaneous storm drain appurtenances. Additional Bid Alternative No. 1 consisted of 450’ of 12” through 24” diameter storm drain line with miscellaneous storm drain appurtenances. Additional Bid Alternative No. 2 consisted of 255’ of 15” and 18” diameter storm drain lines and miscellaneous storm drain appurtenances.

Williamstown Wastewater Treatment Facility Refurbishment

The WWTF refurbishment consisted of demolition reconstruction of the Operations Building and Chlorine Contact Tank, modifications to the existing Chemical Storage/Feed Building, yard piping, access roadway and other site improvements. The new operations Building includes:

  1. Headworks with screening and influent flow measurement
  2. Office/Lab
  3. Bathroom
  4. Chemical storage/Feed room
  5. Blower Room
  6. Mechanical/Electrical Room

The sewer outfall construction included 1,275 L.F. of new 8” PVC sewer outfall, 80 V.F. of precast concrete manholes, 2 sleeved stream crossing and river bank outfall improvements.

West Windsor Water Improvements

Installation of approximately 1,000 linear feet of new 8 PVC C900 waterline and miscellaneous appurtenances, a new booster pump building with duplex booster pump and miscellaneous appurtenances.

Ascutney Fire District #2 Route 12 Waterline Extension

Construction of a waterline extension to extend potable water service to residential properties identified by VTrans.

Hardwick Church Street Water

Installation of approximately 3,168 linear feet of new 8” PVC C900 waterline and miscellaneous appurtenances.

Fair Haven Water System Improvements

Installation of approximately 6,100 linear feet of new 8” PVC C900 to replace existing 4” and 6” cast iron along to following streets: Mechanic Street, Pine Street, Fourth Street, Route 4A (Capitol Hill), Dutton Ave, Maple Street, Liberty Street, and Depot Street. Twelve (12) new hydrants and one (1) flushing hydrant will be installed. Twelve (12) existing hydrants will be removed.

Morrisville Water & Light Department West High Street Water & Sewer

Construction of approximately 375 linear feet of 4” diameter ductile iron water main and 400 linear feet of 6” PVC gravity sewer and appurtenances on West High Street

Champlain Water District Williston High Service Water Storage Tank

Construction of a partially backfilled 600,000 gallon prestressed concrete water storage tank with mixing system and miscellaneous appurtenances, 720 linear feet of 16” ductile iron transmission main, underground electric and other appurtenances, sitework including subgrade excavation, final grading, access road, other miscellaneous excavation, and electrical work.

Brandon Champlain Street Pump Station Upgrade

Trenchless rehabilitation of approximately 1,400 linear feet of 10 gravity sewer and select manholes, upgrades to the Champlain Street Pump Station, construction of a new 6” wastewater forcemain and miscellaneous appurtenances.

Springfield CSO Abatement Phase 3 Contract 7

Modifications and replacement of portions of the sewer collection system, stormwater system and water system, to eliminate Combined Sewer Outfalls within the system.

Springfield CSO Abatement, Phase 3, Contract 7

Modifications and replacement of components at five pump stations.

Royalton Wastewater System Improvements

Various upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Facility’s structures and processes, upgrades to the Municipal Pump Station, 2,000 linear feet of trenchless sewer rehabilitation, and 500 linear feet of new gravity sewer.