Asset Management


Imagine having accurate information on the location, type, age and other details of your buried utilities with the click of a mouse at your desk or a couple of finger touches on a tablet or iPad in the field. Imagine recycling all those old rolls of utility plans of questionable accuracy that you must rifle through when searching for some specific underground utility location or detail. With GPS tools and GIS software, we have helped several communites do just that. By recording type, age, condition, and maintenance data in the geodatabase, you can even develop preventive maintenance and capital improvement plans.

Our GPS receiver uses cell phone technology to communicate with base stations to provide real time kinematic spatial referencing with sub-centimeter accuracy. If cell service is not available, the GPS receiver can provide sub-meter accuracy. We then utilize ArcGIS mapping software to create utility infrastructure maps that are up-to-date, accurate and spatially referenced along with a powerful database that can store information about each point for many purposes. All this at your fingertip.

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