Drinking Water Systems

If you drink it, we do it!

Safe, clean and reliable drinking water is essential to life and is one of our most precious natural resources. A+E has a long history of helping communities find efficient, cost-effective, innovative and sustainable solutions to deliver safe, reliable, quality drinking water to their customers.

A+E designed the 1st arsenic removal system (Newport, VT) and 1st uranium removal system (Marshfield, VT) for Vermont public water systems. We continue to find creative and innovative solutions to deliver safe drinking water to our client’s customers. We’ve even assisted several municipalities in assessing private water systems for acquisition.

We are ready to assist communities with development of Lead Service Inventories, and also have extensive experience developing master planning studies, asset management plans, and system modeling to identify system deficiencies.

Primary Water Services
  • System assessments
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Pressure zone analysis
  • Source identification
  • Water supply, storage, transmission & distribution
  • Water treatment
  • PLC/SCADA telemetry reporting & control
  • Lead Service Line Inventories

“After 19 years in the construction section, this was easily the best project I have worked on. This is the first project that I have been on that did not have a punchlist at the substantial completion. That speaks volumes about how well the three parties worked together to get this project completed on time (actually a month early on a 75 day project) and with excellent quality control.” Michael Carey, Construction Engineer, Vermont DEC, Facilities Engineering Division, Plainfield Fowler Waterline Construction

“From the conception of the 20-year Master Plan study to its completion – all within the span of a couple of years – A+E’s fine people led the way. We trust that they are as proud as we are of the good work they did to see that our water distribution system was completely rebuilt. The accomplishment will surely serve well the people of Winooski Park for many years to come. As will their and our gratitude to A+E for doing it so well.” Joseph McLaughlin, SSE, Prudential Committee Chair, Colchester Fire District No. 1