Green Technology

Going Green: Everything matters

Sustainability is integral to each of our engineering solutions. Energy efficiency is just one of the ways we look at sustainability. From simple things like premium efficiency motors to optimizing pumping systems, solar walls, geothermal heat pumps and electrical cogeneration from methane gas, we have far-reaching experience in techniques to reduce electrical and fuel consumption.

But going green is more than just saving energy. It’s beneficial reuse of structures when upgrading a facility, selecting building materials based on long-term durability, not just initial cost and optimizing treatment systems to reduce chemical use and sludge disposal costs.

We recently presented on green technologies at the Green Mountain Water Environment Association (GMWEA) Spring Trade Show.

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We also incorporate sustainable practices at our offices — whether it’s recycling paper, printing double-sided documents or refraining from printing all together (going electronic and saving postage) — we recognize that even the little things go a long way toward reducing our carbon footprint. We are not words without action.

A+E assisted Champlain Water District with an energy saving scoping study to deeper analyze their entire operations to realize more energy savings.  The results of the study were achieved through the implementation of recommendations including operating the the primary pumps at full speed with supplemental flow through provided through VFD operated pumps for greater efficiency and a “cross-tie” transmission main to reduce friction loss and improved pumping efficiency.

Click the link below to see the presentation for this award-winning project.

CWD ACEC Engineering Excellence Award

“We greatly appreciate your effort in making energy efficiency a priority in your business. Based on our analysis, we estimate that the lighting, ventilation, premium efficient motors and turbo blower improvements at the White River Junction Wastewater Treatment Plant will save approximately $27,400 per year at current energy rates. In addition this project will help reduce statewide energy needs and improve our environment by saving an estimated 213,000 kWh of electricity and 2,861 gallons of fuel oil per year.” – Robin Tindall, Efficiency Vermont in a letter to Richard Menge, Town of Hartford regarding our design of the WRJ WWTF upgrade.