Lead Service Line Inventories

Due to new federal regulations, Vermont public water systems need to inventory the drinking water service lines that connect homes and buildings to the water system by October 16, 2024. Every water utility throughout the State is currently completing (or has completed) a water system inventory documenting where lead is, or isn’t, present. This does not mean that there is known or suspected lead piping in your water system. Each water service needs to be inventoried regardless.

Aldrich + Elliott has partnered with numerous water systems throughout the State to help facilitate this effort, and you may have received a mailed flyer requesting your help.

Please email a copy of your results to the relevant link below:
Town of Fair Haven
Village of Swanton
Town of Hardwick
Grand Isle Consolidated Water District
Village of Enosburg
Village of Poultney

If you have any questions or problems with this form, please call:

Jeff, 802-879-7733 ext. 117.