St. Albans WWTF Advanced Teritary Phosphorus Removal Pilot Study

By Amanda Gosselin  |  November 24, 2015  |  Featured News

A+E is excited to have the St. Albans WWTF Advanced Teritary Phosphorus Removal Pilot Testing completed. The objective of the testing was to evaluate the ability of teritary treatment technologies in meeting and effluent total phosphorus concentration of <0.1 mg/l. The City of St. Albans partnered with Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) who provided funding for the project. The study will generate information specific to the St. Albans WWTF, but also will provide information applicable to other wastewater treatment facilities in the entire Lake Champlain Basin. Overall, four technologies were piloted:

  • Aqua-Aerobic Systems Cloth Media Filter with the recently developed OptiFiber PES-14 Microfiber cloth media (equivalent to 5 micron)
  • Kruger Hydrotech Discfilter
  • Kruger ACTIFLO® ballasted flocculation process
  • Blue Water Technologies Blue PRO® continuous backwash filters with reactive filtration
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