What people are saying…

“The Village of Derby Line has used A+E on previous water projects with very good results.  We returned again for this water project and A+E took care of all dealings with the State on our project, as well as advertising the project to prospective bidders..  Because of the expedited timing of the loan application, the Village was able to obtain $100,000 in loan forgiveness from the State on this project. Every time I or other Village contacts have called A+E, we have gotten a great response from the staff there.  Overall, our relationship has worked out very well. ”

Keith Beadle, Village Trustee, Derby Line Village

“Overall our experience with A+E on the design of Plainfield’s waterline upgrade was very good.  A+E was very attentive and responded to our concerns readily.  I expect that having A+E as the consultant for our past and future water and wastewater projects will ensure the longevity of our systems for future generations.”

Greg Chamberlain, Chief Operator, Plainfield Town

“CWD has been involved with A+E on over a half dozen projects in the last ten years including the current Colchester South Tank Reconstruction project.  They are an experienced and confident engineering firm and are very easy to work with.”

James (Jim) Fay, General Manager, Champlain Water District

"A&E staff provided construction oversight for a stormwater retrofit project.  They were very professional and their assistance during construction was helpful when we encountered unexpected underground conditions."

Tom DiPietro, Deputy Director of DPW, South Burlington City

“We liked the ability to have open conversations with the engineers at A+E.  We were brought into all parts of the design.  The engineers were open to questions and suggestions during the design.  For example, we suggested moving the 4th Street waterline to the opposite side of the street.  A+E listened to us as clients and, after looking into it, agreed that moving it to the other side of the street was fine.  We appreciate that A+E both listens to us and is responsive to our needs.”

Reggie Beliveau, Village Manager, Village of Swanton

“A&E is always helpful to the Town of Williston but was especially so during the recent extreme weather events from May to July of 2013. Their help was prompt and professional, as always and I look forward to our continued relationship in the future.”

Bruce K. Hoar, Public Works Director, Town of Williston

“Through a detailed engineering evaluation, the most practical solution was identified and developed. Throughout this process, A+E worked closely with the Selectboard, Town staff and the community to communicate the plan and seek input. Throughout the project, A+E went out of their way to support us and assist us.”

Barry K. Simpson, Selectboard Chair, Town of Warren

“After 19 years in the construction section, this was easily the best project I have worked on. This is the first project that I have been on that did not have a punchlist at the substantial completion. That speaks volumes about how well the three parties worked together to get this project completed on time (actually a month early on a 75 day project) and with excellent quality control.”

Michael Carey, Construction Engineer, Vermont DEC, Facilities Engineering Division, Plainfield Fowler Waterline Construction

“A+E worked with us very diligently to maximize our funding for this project… We will end up with a project on which we will have to pay back only 17% of the total cost and less than half of our original bonded amount, despite the fact that the scope of the project increased because of state mandated additions.”

Robert Forguites, Springfield Town Manager

“A+E has worked with the City of Newport on a number of projects…the total cost of these improvements and new construction is in excess of $9.5M. The professional and personal service that your staff provided in administrative support with project funding and permit applications have been most helpful.”

John Ward, Jr., Newport City Manager

“Working with A+E has been absolutely outstanding in all details …We are sure that without their help and understanding in the areas of state and federal funding, this project would be much more costly to the taxpayers of Pownal.”

Pownal Selectboard

“We greatly appreciate your effort in making energy efficiency a priority in your business. Based on our analysis, we estimate that the lighting, ventilation, premium efficient motors and turbo blower improvements at the White River Junction Wastewater Treatment Plant will save approximately $27,400 per year at current energy rates. In addition this project will help reduce statewide energy needs and improve our environment by saving an estimated 213,000 kWh of electricity and 2,861 gallons of fuel oil per year.”

Robin Tindall, Efficiency Vermont in a letter to Richard Menge, Town of Hartford regarding our design of the WRJ WWTF upgrade.

“I wanted to thank A+E for their professionalism on our wastewater projects. Having been involved in several other more “challenging” projects since your projects, I fully appreciate the level of service that you have provided the Town.”

Richard Menge, PE, Director of Public Works, Town of Hartford

“Thanks for all the hard work in such a short period of time. That’s why we made a huge decision some time ago to rely on A+E.”

Allen Robtoy, Public Works Director, City of St. Albans

“From the conception of the 20-year Master Plan study to its completion – all within the span of a couple of years – A+E’s fine people led the way. We trust that they are as proud as we are of the good work they did to see that our water distribution system was completely rebuilt.”

Joseph McLaughlin, SSE, Prudential Committee Chair, Colchester Fire District No. 1

“They were very helpful throughout the project and listened to the suggestions of my staff and analyzed the ideas for cost effectiveness and functionality. This gave us more ownership in the project which made the outcome of the project something everyone was proud of.”

Reg Beliveau, Village Manager, Village of Swanton

"Fair Haven's experience with Aldrich + Elliott is always professional, timely, and informative. I attribute that success to Aldrich + Elliott and the effective team they brought to the table."

Herbert A Durfee, III, Town Manager, Town of Fair Haven

"I found the entire team at Aldrich + Elliott very easy to work with. They pay great attention to detail and are very cost-conscious."

Dan Hill, Village Manager, Village of Lyndonville

“The community feedback we have received from our streetscape improvements couldn’t be more positive. Pedestrian traffic in our downtown has increased tremendously. We’ve noticed a lot of elderly and family traffic at night after dinner that we never saw before the improvements were completed. Every goal that we wanted to accomplish with this project have been met and more!”

Jonas Rosenthal, Village Manager, Village of Poultney